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Close follow-up

Teeth is our passion

With us, you get personal and customized follow-up so you can be sure that your teeth are all right.

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Absolute comfort and security

“The school dentist” is history

We are experts in exterminating dental fear. With us you will with no doubt get rid of your dental anxiety.

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Whiter teeth

Gentle, safe and long-lasting tooth bleaching

With us you will get a very gentle, effective and lasting tooth whitening.

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Gentle and empathic

Caring considerate dental treatment

We will take care of your teeth like our own

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Dentist and emergency dental care in Ås, Ski, Oppegård, Neodden, Drøbak and Vestby

Vinterbro Tannlegesenter is the only provider of specialist services in gum diseases (periodontology) in Follo area. Here you find dentists, acute dental care services, specialists and doctors, all under the same roof. We offer our services to our patients in Ås, Ski, Nesodden, Oppegård, Vestby, Greverud, Kolbotn and Drøbak (Follo and suburbs).

Here with us, you will always get the first class quality on everything we do. We have the greatest passion for helping our patients and for our occupation. We adapt ourselves, the treatment and the surroundings according to you and your needs will not only give YOU the best treatment and service there is, but we will also give you the best follow-up.

About Vinterbro Tannlegesenter

Our vision is that our patients keep their teeth and mouth healthy throughout their lives. Oral health is closely connected to rest of the body. Education about this mechanism is almost non-existing in universities. Therefore, we emphasize on keeping up with bleeding edge medical research, which goes beyond basal odonatological knowledge and dexterity. In addition, we educate us further continuously in new methods and modern equipment to be able to take best care of your oral health.

We have broad competence, and invest in great patient-doctor relationship and modern equipment, just to give you security and care during your visit. Your visit to the dentist has never been more pleasant.

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Why choose Vinterbro Tannlegesenter

  • Central location in Vinterbro Senter (shopping mall)
  • Dentists, specialists and doctors under the same roof
  • Special competency in “dental anxiety”
  • Lowest prices in Follo area
  • Free no ticket parking
  • 24-hours open direct line
  • Invisible removable braces
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast emergency services with no additional fee
  • Possibility of partial payments
  • Treatment under sedation (possibly narcosis)
  • Personal close follow-up

You’ll find us here

We are on the 3. floor in Vinterbro Senter (Shopping mall). In our clinic, everybody can get appointment the same day for both emergency care and regular appointment. All appointments in weekends or holidays must be scheduled in advance.


Sjøskogenveien 7
1407 Vinterbro
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404 62 000