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Tooth implant

In Vinterbo Tannlegesenter we have specialists who can replace your lost teeth with dental implants. This involves putting a strong and biocompatible screw (fixture) in the jawbone, which later is built up with a crown. This construct will work like a real tooth. The implant is made of either a titanium alloy or zirconia with great strength. This method is safe and the results will be natural.

If you think about replacing your lost tooth, contact us for a free non-committing consultation with our specialists.

Tooth implant is a well tried out, documented, pain-free, reasonable and usually successful treatment. Most people who have lost one or more teeth can get dental implant. Our dentists offer pain-free treatment with dental treatment. With regular control and personal hygiene routines, the tooth implant and your smile will last for a long time.


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