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Restorative treatment

Restorative treatment entails restoring function and esthetics of damaged and broken teeth. This is a treatment that spans across several fields like endodontics (root-canal), periodontology (gum diseases), conservative treatment (fillings), prosthodontics (crowns, bridges and dentures) and orthodontics (braces). In other words, restorative treatment consists of a clean-up phase that aims to remove infection and a build-up phase that aims to build up that which is broken down.

Usually when the clean-up step is finished, the patient may not feel any difference in the mouth although this step is an absolute necessity for a successful and lasting result.

That which patients feel gives their smile back is the treatment done in the build-up step. This build-up is achieved with the aid of different restorative materials such as composite (acrylic fillings), crowns (made of metal\gold or ceramics), other lab-made indirect ceramics (inlays, onlays and veneers) and gold-alloys. The choice of material is based on factors like esthetics, strength, reparability, durability and not least, cost. It is a choice that must be made in collaboration with the patient after receiving thorough information about pros and cons of each material.

In Vinterbro Tannlegesenter, we have expertise and certification in usage of acrylic materials (composite) in minimally invasive techniques. These restorations are very esthetic, easy to maintain, gentle to the tooth structure and not least, reasonable in comparison to prosthodontic solutions like crowns and veneers where you have to abrade the teeth in the process.


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