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General dental treatment

In Vinterbro Tannlegesenter, we have set us the goal to give the best possible information to our patients about their current dental health and about how they can take care of their own teeth themselves. For many people, dental health is very little tangible and prioritized when it comes to spending resources. However, if the dentist manages to engage the patient with visual aids, and with the dentist being himself deeply engaged in the patient’s well-being, most people would get a completely different view on teeth and importance of maintenance of their own teeth.  They will also show another level of patient compliance. Cause we here in Vinterbro Tannlegeseter has a strong faith in prevention and that the patient himself/herself has the deciding responsibility for a good dental health. If the dentist manages to convince the patient of this fact, then half the job is done. This way, the patient will not need to visit the dentist as much to begin with.

For that reason, it is crucial to establish a very good friendly but still professional relationship with the patient. With this, you could promote change towards good habits.

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