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Crown or bridge

Putting a crown on weakened or root-canal treated tooth can give the tooth far better lifespan than without. When a tooth is repaired with a large filling and later root-canal treated, you have to think about how long the patient is going to keep the tooth. If such a restored (ergo, weakened) tooth is not strengthened with a crown, the tooth will have a shorter life. Without a crown that wraps around the tooth and keeps it together, the tooth will fracture in a short period of time as a result of heavy chewing forces and tooth will be lost.

På Vinterbro Tannlegesenter we use the best and strongest materials there are in order to give our patients the best results. We have also huge focus on minimally invasive treatment, which means minimal removal of tooth substance for producing and setting of our crowns (necessary in order to be able to create room for crown material)

We do not compromise when it comes to strength and esthetics of the crown. If the patient is not happy, we are not happy.

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