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Acute (emergency) dental treatment

Cavity or tooth decay (caries)

Toothache can be severely paralyzing and is considered by many to be one of the worst pains there are. The most common reason for acute tooth pain is tooth decay that has progressed deep into the tooth near the nerve in the middle of the tooth (pulpitis). At this stage, the tooth decay has got too large that the tooth must be root-canal treated where the whole nerve is removed and the rinsed canals are filled with a special material. This is a routine procedure and is usually performed in two stages.

Inflammation around wisdom tooth (pericoronitis)
Inflammation of the gum above impacted wisdom tooth

The second most common reason for acute pain in the oral cavity is wisdom teeth that have not managed to erupt straight out (pericoronitis). It is very common that there is not enough space in the jaw for eruption of the wisdom tooth. This leads to wisdom teeth erupting partially or maybe erupting in the wrong direction/position. This in turn leads to formation of a crater/pocket against the tooth on the front or the gum surrounding the tooth. When bacteria or food particles get into this pocket, they will produce an inflammation in this confined and narrow space. This inflammation can be very painful and can appear with swelling and reduced ability to open the mouth. In a situation like this, the final solution would be to remove the wisdom tooth.

In Vinterbro Tannlegesenter, we perform (both the dentists and the specialists) surgery of wisdom teeth and other complicated extractions when deemed necessary. When it comes to this kind of treatment, our main goal is complete painlessness during and after the procedure. Any dental treatment should never be painful here with us in Vinterbro Tannlegesenter.


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